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frequently asked questions

What does "Independent Stylist" mean?

Loft 199 Hair Studio is home to a team of Independent Stylists.  This means our Stylists own and operate their own business and work for themselves.  They rent a chair in the salon and manage their own bookings, payments, questions, comments and concerns.  The salon is simply where they operate.  

How do I find out which Stylist is best for me?

Click the 'more info' button for each Stylist to learn more about what services they offer, pricing and examples of their work.  Each of our Stylists specializes in specific services, so you will want to find the one who matches with the look you're after and your budget.  

What is 'Flex Pricing' and why do you use it?

Our pricing philosophy is simple ... Time + Product + Skill  = Flex Price.  We do it this way because everyone has different hair needs and it's important that we stay flexible to ensure everyone is paying only for exactly what they need.  Hair has no gender - all of our services are non-binary.

How do I book an appointment?

Each Stylist has their custom service menu and availability in our Online Booking portal at the link above.  Please note, bookings are processed as a 'Request' first and are not confirmed until you receive a second 'Confirmation' email.  

Why did my appointment request get declined?

When we are unable to confirm a booking request, it can be for several reasons.  Often, you will find it listed in the service description in the booking menu.  When we decline a request, we try to send a follow up email to let you know why (check your junk mail).

How to I cancel / change my appointment?

You can access your Client Profile at the link above to view, cancel or change upcoming appointments.  Please be mindful of our Cancellation Policy.  Let your Stylist know if you are unable to log into your profile, we may need to update your contact information in our system.  

What if I don't like my hair?

Your Stylist wants nothing more than for you to love your hair!  Please contact your Stylist directly to let them know so that they can work with you to get you back on track.  Loft 199 does have a Correction Policy in place, you can find it on our home page.  

I called / texted / emailed days ago and haven't heard back, what gives?

We don't use a receptionist, which means we personally reply to all incoming messages and we appreciate your patience.  Keep in mind that you can always look up, change or cancel an upcoming appointment through your online Client Profile at the link above.  

We are not able to offer in-salon bridal services.  Each of our Stylists books on-location bridal services at their own discretion.  You can visit the Stylist information pages to see if they offer bridal packages.

Do you offer Bridal services?


What products do you use?

Loft 199 Hair Studio is a EUFORA EXCLUSIVE SALON and all of our Stylists have in-depth training on all Eufora hair care products and EuforaColour.  Our Clients will benefit from all of the passion, caring and integrity that EUFORA stands for.  We believe in being green too! Eufora products meet rigorous formulation standards using 75 natural plant extracts and essential oils, all of which are classified renewable resources and biodegradable.  


Click below to visit Eufora's website and learn more.

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